Bank Soal English Listening (Pemula)

1. What date is it today ?

a. Twelve

b. Twentyieth

c. Twentieth

d. Twenty

2. Today is Friday. Yesterday was ?

a. Saturday

b. Thursday

c. Tuesday

d. Monday

3. The day after Tuesday is ?

a. Monday

b. Sunday

c. Wednesday

d. Thursday

4. The month before February is ?

a. December

b. March

c. April

d. January

5. Where are you from ?

a. I am from Scotland

b. I am from Scottish

c. I am from English

d. I am from Indonesian

6. What do you study from university Cara ?

a. French and German

b. French and Germany

c. English and Economic

d. English and Historical

7. X : .......
    Y : Yes. I do. I live in London 

a. Where do you live?

b. Are you live in London?

c. Do you live in London?

d. Did you live in London?

8. Johan : Good morning, Clara. How are you doing ?

     Clara : ....

a. I am studying now

b. I am going to school now

c. I go to school by bike

d. Fine. Everything is running well

9. Mira : Hello, Susan. I am Mira, nice to meet you !

     Susan : ....

a. Yes. Thank you, i know you

b. Thanks to know you

c. Nice to meet you too

d. Hello. I am Susan

10. Jack : ...... ?

      Johan : She is from England

a. Where does your mother come from?

b. Where is your mother from?

c. Where is your mother come from?

d. Where is your mother comes from?

11. Salesperson : ... ?

      Gloria : Yes, i am looking for a sweater

a. What can i help you?

b. What can you do for me?

c. What can i do for you?

d. What can you do for you?

12. "This jumper goes well with my trousers". This sentences has the same meaning with ...

a. It looks good with my trousers

b. It looks bad with my trousers

c. It looks going out with my trousers

d. It look well going with my trousers

13. Where you can go to buy boots?

a. Clothes shop

b. Shoe shop

c. Newsagent

d. Pharmacy

14. Where you can go to buy maps?

a. Shoe shop

b. Book shop

c. Newsagent

d. Music shop

15. Where you can go to get money?

a. Book shop

b. ATM

c. Clothes shop

d. Pharmacy

16. Where you can go to get medicine?

a. Pharmacy

b. ATM

c. Music shop

d. Toilets

17. Where you can go to buy trousers?

a. Clothes shop

b. Shoe shop

c. Information

d. The lifts

18. Where you can go to buy a football?

a. Clothes shop

b. Sports shop

c. Shoe shop

d. Music shop

19. Where you can go to wash your hands?

a. The lifts

b. The restaurant

c. The toilets

d. Book shop

20. Where you can go to up and down?

a. The toilets

b. A cash machine

c. Pharmacy

d. The escalator

21. Customer : Excuse me .I want to buy some tuna pizza

      Server       : To eat in or… ?

a. Take away

b. Inside

c. Indoor

d. Outdoor

22. Customer : ….does  a cup of black coffee ?

      Waiter      : Rp. 10.000,-

a. How many

b. How much

c. How  More

d. How Far

23. The man who serves you in a restaurant is the …

a. Servant

b. Customer

c. Waiter

d. Maid

24. The woman that serves you in a restaurant is the…

a. Waitress

b. Waiter

c. Barmaid

d. Staff

25. If you eat soup at the beginning of a meal, it is a...

a. Starter

b. Main course

c. Dessert

d. Food

26. The extra money that you give the waiter or waitress is called a...

a. Service

b. Responsibility

c. Tip

d. Money

27. The principal part of the meal is the ...

a. Main course

b. Appetizer

c. Dessert

d. Beverage

28. A cook in a good restaurant is called a ...

a. Cooker

b. Chef

c. Cook

d. Food

29. Take ... food is a food that you take home to eat

a. Away

b. Home

c. Off

d. in

30. The ... tells you what food is available in a restaurant

a. List

b. Menu

c. Book

d. Staff

31. What is the closed edge of a book called

a. Bone

b. Spiral 

c. Spine

d. Trunk

32. What does fiction mean ?

a. Fact

b. Fun

c. For real

d. Not real

33. What does non-fiction mean ?

a. Funny

b. Factual

c. Fantasy

d. Fabrication

34. What does check out mean ?

a. Looking at someone

b. Borrow

c. Paying for items

d. Bring back

35. What does renew mean ?

a. Trade it in

b. Get again

c. Reuse

d. Recycle

36. What does return mean ?

a. Borrow

b. Renew

c. Give back

d. Release

37. How often do you go to library ?

a. Twice a week

b. Two weeks

c. Two a weeks

d. Twice a weeks

38. A ... is a person who works professionaly in a library

a. Officer

b. Staff

c. Admin

d. Librarian

39. When we are in library , we must be...

a. Loud

b. Noisy

c. Disruptive

d. Quiet

40. What is a biography?

a. Story about math

b. Story about maps

c. Story about education

d. Story about a person

41. Mobile phone must be switched …. In a library

a. Off

b. On

c. Up

d. In

42. Someone who works in a library is a ….

a. Officer

b. Librarian

c. Admin

d. Receptionist

43. We must speak….in a library

a. Carefully

b. Loudly

c. Quietly

d. Rapidly

44. How much is this shirt ? ….

a. It’s cheap

b. It’s cheaper than that one

c. It’s the cheapest

d. It’s Rp. 45.000,-

45. Someone who keep the shop is a …

a. Seller

b. Buyer

c. Shop keeper

d. Trader

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