1. Good _______ (It´s 6:30 PM) (A leave-taking)

a. Afternoon

b. Morning

c. Evening

d. Night

 2. Synonimus of Goodbye

a. See you later

b. Nice to meet

c. How about you?

d. How are you?

 3. We usually say Good Night:

a. In the morning

b. In the afternoon

c. At 7:00 am

d. When we leave at night

 4. A: Hello, my name is Patricia, nice to meet you

a. You: So long

b. You: See later

c. You: Nice to meet you

d. You: Nice to meet you too

 5. Good _______ (It´s 6:30 PM) A greeting

a. Afternoon

b. Morning

c. Evening

d. Night

 6. you can greet at 7:00 am.

a. Good morning

b. Good afternoon

c. Good evening

d. Good night

 7. _______ Jhon. How are you?

a. See you later

b. Hello

c. How are you?

d. Gooy bye

 8. It's 5:00 pm. Good __________

a. Morning

b. Evening

c. Afternoon

d. Night

 9. I´m sleep. Good _____________

a. Morning

b. Hello

c. Evening

d. Night

10."I am from Costa Rica"

a. Where are you from?

b. Where is your house?

c. Where is you from?

d. Where do you live?

 11. A: "Pleased to meet you"

a. B: Pleased meet you

b. B: Nice to meet you too

c. B: Pleased

d. B: Nice meet you

12.A: ...? B: I am 11 years old

a. How old are you?

b. What do you do?

c. What is your profession?

d. When is your birthday?

 13. Which one is a greeting?

a. Hi

b. See you tomorrow

c. Bye

d. So long

 14. Hi, I am Azam Hudzaifah. My friends call_______Azam.

a. I

b. Me

c. You

d. She

 15. A: Hello, I am Sinta. What is your name?

B: _________________

a. I am the only child in my family

b. I am 20 years old

c. My name is Anna

d. I am a student

 16. A: ______________________?

B: I am 17 years old.

a. What do you do?

b. Where are you from?

c. How old are you?

d. How amy people are there in you family?

 17. A: I am from Gombong,____________________?

B: I am from Amsterdam.

a. Where are you from?

b. What do you do?

c. How old are you?

d. What is your name?

 18. A: __________________?

B: I am a teacher.

a. How old are you?

b. What is your job?

c. What is your name?

d. Where do you live?

 19. A: _____________________?

B: I love gardening so much.

a. What is your hobby?

b. Where are you from?

c. What is your name?

d. How old are you?

 20. A: How many people are there in your family?

B: _______________________.

a. I am the second child in my family

b. I love travelling

c. There are 5 people in my family

d. My father is a doctor 

 21. He is my elder brother. ... name is Seyfi.

a. her

b. his

c. him

d. it

 22. What is your English teacher's name? He is …….

a. Mr. Anwar

b. Mrs. Retno

c. Mrs. Tri Wahyu

d. Ms. Supardi

 23. Complete the following dialogue!

Udin: Hi! What’s your name?

Asep: ...

Udin: Oh, nice to see you Asep.

Asep: You too

a. I don't know

b. Nice to see you Udin

c. I'm Asep

d. Do you want to see me?

 24. Complete the dialogue below!

Tata is a new member of Madugo English Club. She introduced herself.

Tata: Ladies and gentlemen ...

a. Allow me to introduce myself.

b. I am happy to meet you.

c. Let me introduce you to the audiences.

d. May I introduce you to the audiences.

 25. Complete the dialogue below!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce my self. ………. I am a new student of MADUGO Vocational high School.

a. I am Nunu.

b. I want you to call me Nunu.

c. Call me Nunu.

d. Nunu is my friend.

 26. Complete the dialogue!

Ega was at a school yard. There were a lot of new students there that Ega didn’t know.

Ega: Excuse me, My name is Ega Rustandi.

Guest: Hello, Ega. I’m John. How do you do?

John: ...........................

a. Nice to see you.

b. How do you do?

c. Fine, thanks

d. I'm glad to know you.

 27. Complete the following dialogue!

Rahman: How do you do? It’s nice to meet you.

Tia: ...

a. Me too

b. I should be nice

c. I am fine

d. How do you do? Nice to meet you too.

 28. A. : Hi Jane, how are you ?

B : …………., and you ?

: I’m Ok

a. How do you do

b. Good morning

c. Fine, thanks

d. Yes, I am

 29. A : Jane, this is Romeo. Romeo this is Jane?

B : How do you do, Romeo?

a. How are you jane ?

b. How do you do Jane?

c. What do you do Jane?

d .I’m fine, thanks

 30. Nuning : Katty, this is my sister, Maya

Katty : …………….?

Maya : Nice to meet you too.

a. Hello

b. Good morning

c. How are you?

d. Nice to meet you

 31. Tino : What’s your name?

Manik : My name is Menik

Tino : …….

Menik : On Jalan Dewi Sartika Kauman Utara Gombbong

a. What are you?

b. Where are you?

c. What’s your address?

d. Where are you from?

 32. Mr Dani : Good morning

Dhika : Good morning, Sir

Mr Dani : My name is Dani. What’s your name?

Dhika : I’m Dhika, Sir

“Good morning”. This sentence means Mr Dani is…… Dika.

a. Greeting

b. Leave – taking

c. Introducing

d. Asking Dhika’ health

 33. "Hello, I’m Dani”.

This sentence means Mr Dani wants to…

a. Leave someone

b. Greet someone

c. Introduce himself

d. Ask something

 34. Ticket Seller : Ticket Section, good morning.

Caller : Hello. ......

a. May I help you

b. I'd like to make a reservation for tonight, please.

c. No, thank you

d. Who are you?

 35. Ticket seller : What time, sir?

Caller : ...

Ticket seller : Sorry sir, we're sold out

a. Hold on, sir?

b. That's fine, sir?

c. the next week, please?

d. the seven o'clock show, please

 36. Caller : what about the next show?

Ticket seller : we still have a few seats left for 9 p.m.

Caller : ...

a. that's fine

b. don't worry

c. I will do

d. sorry, no

 37. Ticket seller : What seats would you like, sir?

Caller : not too close to the screen, please.

Ticket seller : Yes, sir. in Row 17. ....

Caller : Wang Hui.

a. May I know your family, please?

b. May I know your address, please?

c. May I have your hand phone, please?

d. May I have your name, please?

 38. Ticket seller : ...

Caller : W as in word, A as in apple, N as in November, G as in golf, H as in hotel, U as in uniform, I as in India.

Ticket seller : see you tomorrow at the nine o'clock show, sir.

Caller : thank you

Ticket seller : You're welcome

a. can you repeat again, please?

b. would you repeat again, please?

c. would I spell it that, please?

d. would you spell it, please?

 39. Diane : Hello, ....

Linda : Linda speaking. What’s the matter, Diane?

Diane : I got an information that your application for

a scholarship from Damandiri foundation is approved.

Linda : Really? So what should I do then.

Diane : I don’t know. I’ll try to get more information for you. I’ll call you back.

Linda : Thanks for calling me, Diane.

Diane : Bye

Linda : Bye

a. May I speak to Linda, please?

b. May I speak to your mother, please?

c. May I am speaking with?

d. May I do something for you?

 40. Operator : Happy-Time Insurance. Can I help you?

Caller : ....

Operator : I'm afraid she's on sick leave today.

a. I don't think so

b. Yes, I'd like to speak to Mary Pho, Please

c. Are you Mary Pho?

d. Mary Pho speaking

 41. Secretary : One moment. (pause) I'm afraid the line is busy at the moment.

Mr. Smith : No. I'm leaving for Bandung in ten minutes. Can you take a message?

Secretary : Yes, of course.

The underlined sentence shows us that the secretary ....

a. takes a call

b. takes message

c. asks the caller to wait

d. asks for information

 42. Secretary : Could I have your name, telephone number, and email address, please?

Caller : Sure. My name's Mila Lyla and my phone number is 560-1278. My email address is

Secretary : Okay. Mila, mm, ....

Caller : No. It's L-Y-L-A with "Y" not "I"

is it true that your name is Mila Lyla?

is your name spelled L-I-L-A?

Do I spell your name correctly?

Hi, you are Mila Lyla, aren't you?

Male caller : This is Mike Adrews here. Can I speak to Jason?

Michelle : Just a second - I'll see if he's in. Hello, Jason,.........

Jason : Okay

Michelle : I'll put through. Hang on a moment. I'm just putting you through.

a. I've got Mike Andrews on the phone for you

b. This is Mike Andrews speaking to Michelle

c. Are you talking to Mike Andrews right now

d. Mike Andrews wants to call Jason Carry

 43. Diana : Hello. I'm Diana from Erlangga Bank. Could I speak to Mr. Cahyono, please?

Somebody : ....There's no Mr. Cahyono in this house

a. Can I take a message from you?

b. Could you tell me your name?

c. Would you like to call him again?

d. I'm sorry. You call the wrong number.

 44. A : I am afraid Mr. Naruto is … the moment. Can I take a message?

a. listening to the phone

b. available

c. there

d. able

 45. Piala Sakti Medical Center, Good Morning. How may I help you?

a. I really want to meet you today

b. I want to meet the doctor's wife this afternoon

c. I want to make appointment with the doctor

d. I want to check the doctor's health

 46. Are you a new patient?

a. Yes, I am regularly checked in this Clinic

b. Yes, I am the new villagers here

c. No, I have ever met the doctor a month ago

d. No, I am single

  47. How will you pay?

a. I'm going to use my health insurance if possible

b. I'm not sure how will I pay the cost

c. I will pay by working there

d. I have no money and health insurance

 48. The phone rang many times but nobody ............ .

a. picked up

b. break up

c. get off

d. called back

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